Getting started

Requirements A working WordPress installation Npm (packaged in node) How to use me ? Go to your wordpress theme folder with your terminal, and type the following commands : $ git clone [yourthemename] $ cd [yourthemename] $ npm install $ gulp You are now ready for happy coding ! Gulp tasks I have some […]

jQuery in MonsieurPress

What the hell is going on ? No jQuery in MonsieurPress !! Yes, MonsieurPress think it’s heavy. But he is tolerant and he has no problem with jQuery lovers. You can actuality switch back to jQuery with two simple steps : Enqueue jQuery. In the function.php file, add the dependency for the main script file […]

Sass structure.

MonsieurPress use sass, you don’t ? Go learn it, and come back. You’re back ? Great ! Amongst all the features of sass, one of the coolest one is the possibility to spit your css into multiple files and merge them in one master file. Now it gives you a new question about your workflow […]