Hello, I'm MonsieurPress,

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How am I ?

Hello developers ! I’m a WordPress starter theme, I’m not all naked and actualy the webpage you are in is me ! I’m very minimal & easy to understand, I use modern workflow like gulp, sass, and love. I’m not meant for being used as a parent theme, just adopt me and hack me ! feel good here ? Give me a try !

Why a starter theme ?

Sometimes you’re simply using pre-made theme for your customers, but it rarely fit their needs perfectly so you wanna wants to make your own. Starting from scratch is rarely a good idea, having some solid foundation for your project save you a lot’s of time. That’s why I’m here, just take me and tweak me.

Getting started

Go to your wordpress theme folder with your terminal, and type the following commands :

$ git clone https://github.com/dadipaq/monsieurpress.git [yourthemename]
$ cd [yourthemename]
$ npm install
$ gulp

You are now ready for happy coding !


  • A working WordPress installation
  • Npm (packaged in node)

Modern Front end Workflow

Gulp ready

Gulp is a great tool for your receptive tasks. I have some cool functions for it to make your workflow super nice & fast.

Auto Reload

As I use gulp, my tasks smartly trigger the livereload server. Just install the livereload plugin on your browser and you are ready for refreshing moments.

Neat Grid system

Neat is a lightweight semantic grid framework for Sass and Bourbon, MonsieurPress has a convenient built-in class based grid system using it.

Smart Sass organisation

MonsieurPress has a smart Sass structure organisation to fit the WordPress features. A solid foundation for your next project.